Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vintage or Shabby Flower Tutorial

I don't normally do tutorials because 1) I don't think I do anything that most others don't already know how to do and 2) because they take a lot of time, which (selfishly) takes away from my crafting time. But I had to make another of the shabby flowers such as I used on the Vintage Valentine and because someone had inquired about a tutorial, I decided to photograph the steps I took to make the flower.
Supplies Needed
Heart punch or dies - you need two graduated sizes of hearts
A pretty brad or button and glue
1/16" circle punch or a paper piercing tool
Designer paper
Distressing ink/sponge

I generally use either my two smallest Nestabiliteis scalloped hearts or my Creative Memories heart maker. I like the Nesties because the scallops give a ragged/shabby edge.
I generally use two different patterns of DP or one plain and one patterened paper. Cut 2 large hearts and 2 small hearts out of each paper. I keep my Nesties in place when cutting by using low tack painter's tape.

I sponge distress the edges of both the front and the back side of the hearts. To me, if the edge isn't distressed, it looks raw and unfinished.

If you will be using a brad for the center of the flower, using a pencil, mark your punch spot low in the V of the heart and punch all 8 hearts using a 1/16" circle punch or a paper piercing tool. You want a hole just large enough to fit your brad pegs through.

Once inked and punched, crumple up into small balls (think spit-balls back in elementary school - LOL!)

Now flatten out the crumpled up hearts. BE CAREFUL -gently uncrumple them. If you try to do it too fast they will rip.
Now start assembling your flower. Because I am using a button as my center, I have to glue the hearts together. My favorite card-making glue is Beacon Fabri-Tac. It drys fast enough, but not too fast. It leaves a little wiggle room for readjusting when necessary.

Start by laying two large hearts next to each other so the V's overlap. Put a dot of glue between the V's.

Continue gluing at the V until all 4 large hearts are together forming a circle.

Now start layering and gluing the small hearts.

Once all four small hearts are glued, you can add the button.

I had a little glue ooze out from the button holes which I rubbed off with my finger. Fabri-Tac resembles rubber cement in that while it is wet, you can usually rub it off.

Variation: Using a brad for the center. Start with the smallest hearts and thread the brad pegs through the hole you punched. Arrange in a circle and then add the four larger hearts in the same manner. It's quicker and easier to use a brad as a fastener, but sometimes you just need a button.
Let me know if you have any questions. I am always happy to share any tips or techniues I use.

Update: This tutorial was featured on Card of the Week.


Christine said...

Thank you for the great info.

Erica said...

Thanks for sharing, Linda! I love these!

Justine said...

Well how Ironic is this. You totally have to check out my blog post for today. I was in the middle of giving you credit for the funky flower that I had created so I stopped by to make sure I had your blog address correct. What a pleasant surprise. I hope you don't mind that I mentioned you in my post along with a link. Big Thank you Hugz, Justine

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial Linda...thanks for sharing!

Rosanne said...

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing Linda!

Unknown said...

Great tutorial Linda! Gotta go get me the scallop hearts now!!

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