Friday, January 10, 2014

Wrapping Up the 12 Tags of Christmas Challenge

Well friends, all good things must end and thus we are in the wrap-up stages of the 12 Tags of Christmas Funkie Junkie Style.  A huge thank you to every one of you who joined in this challenge.  I was so pleased and excited to see the wonderful quality of your work and you all inspired me every week!  There were some really incredible entries this year.

25 of you completed all 12 weeks of the challenge and of the 25, 21 of you also completed the bonus round of thank you tags.  CONGRATULATIONS to all of you - seriously sensational effort by all!  And thank you too, even if you didn't finish.  I'm sure life became too busy as Christmas drew near, but I'm still happy that you played along for at least a portion of the challenge.

Here is the list of all those who will have a chance to win the gift certificates to The Funkie Junkie Boutique.  Each person has a number assigned and I will use to select the winters.  There will be three winners - one for a $50 gift certificate and two more for $25 gift certificates. The winners will be announced on Saturday.  I will also give out the discount coupon on Saturday.

1.  Barb Cady
2.  Alison/Crafty Trog
3.  Silvia
4.  Kirsten Alicia
5.  Rachel Fisher
6.  Brenda Brown
7.  Shirl
8.  Stampersuzz
9.  Dagmar
10.  Jane's Journal
11.  Sternchen
12.  Laurart
13.  Maryanne
14.  Jane O
15.  Helena
16.  Astrid
17.  Butterfly
18.  Trace
19.  Mo Stokes
20.  Buttons
21.  Julie Ann Lee
22.  Jayne
23.  Lisa M.
24.  Mitra
25.  Carol/Kiwiland

See you back tomorrow for the winner announcements!


Lisa Minckler said...

My goodness that's a great number of participants! Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you sincerely Linda for the fabulous inspiration and festiveness for the Christmas season.

Jane said...

That's amazing Linda.... your inspiration was fantastic. Thanks so much and good luck to everyone in the draw. Hugs xx

Astrid Maclean said...

Same here everyone, big congrats to everyone and a huge thank you to Linda for all the many week of inspiration!!

The Queen of Collage said...

Thanks for challenging me this Christmas and I look forward to doing more challenges with you in the future.

Almo said...

Good Luck Everybody & Thank you again Linda had such fun taking part. Hugs Mo x

butterfly said...

What a fantastic number of completed entries - all thanks to your amazing inspiration, Linda. I wouldn't have missed it for the world - even without the generous coupons!
Alison xx

rachel said...

Hiya Linda - I just wanted to say thanks for running this amazing challenge and giving me so much inspiration. I've loved every minute and can't wait until next year - hope you run this again xx

craftytrog said...

So exciting! It was an awesome challenge Linda, thanks so much for all the fabulous inspiration you gave us! Congratulations to everyone who finished.
Watching my inbox ;o)
Alison xxx

Barb Cady said...

This was one of the best lead ups to Christmas I have ever taken part in, thank you so much Linda, I do hope this is an annual event! Congratulations to all who finished, you were all a great inspiration! X

Anonymous said...

I'm very proud to have been a part of the challenge, I really enjoyed it. Thank you Linda, for your wonderful creativity & inspiration.

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