Friday, August 19, 2011

Free to a Good Home

Well, almost free that is - you pay shipping.  Here's the scoop.  My DH just retired and we are moving away from Miami just as fast as we can sell the house.  I have 20 years worth of accumulated treasures (another man's junk - LOL) and I can't move it all.  DH says we have to seriously downsize and while I plan to hold out for a decent sized craft room in the new place, I can't keep everything - especially if it is not being used.  So I'm going to start giving away and selling at low prices many craft supplies and tools.  This the first lot.

I have so much designer paper that is just sitting.  I'd love it to go to someone who will use it so I'm giving it away in 50 sheet lots - 12x12" sheets of mixed patterns and brands, some well known brands, and some generic from the local craft store.  Probably about 50% of it is from DCWV pads.  It will be very mixed - a few sheets from each pad or pack, even some Stampin' Up paper that I'm not using.

The postage should be under $10 for anything in the US.  If you are international, I'll ship if you pay the postage.  For everyone, I will box up your package, weigh it and charge you the actual postage plus $.75 to cover paypal fees.  I just need your email address.  I have at least 5 lots of 50, probably closer to 10 but haven't counted.  I'll distribute them on a first come, first served basis.  Just email me at if you would like a box of designer paper.

And watch my blog - over the weekend I plan to start listing stamp sets for $3 to $5 a set plus shipping.  I will even take the rubber off the blocks for you so you can get many sets inside a flat rate priority shipping box.

Thanks so much for reading my blog posts!  Hope to see you back this weekend.


Denni said...

Wow! 20 years of treasures will be tough to downsize for sure! I guess I will try to do my part and live on your blog this weekend to see if I can help you out, lol!!

Good luck with the move and I hope you find an awesome craft room :)

Suzi Mac said...

Awe Sweetie, I would jump at the chance your offering on those beautiful papers but I yhink shipping costs would be a little on the heavy side. Not to worry though I'll be keeping my eyes open for your stamps etc. I received your wonderful Tag this morning and it's taken pride of place in my craft room. I love it to bits. Thank you so much, it means the world to me.
Suzi x

marsha said...

Linda, I'll bet you have "tons" of stuff! I'll be watching your blog for the stamp sets (as If I need anything else, LOL!). Good luck with this major lifestyle change!

Scrumplescrunch said...

OH gosh I do not envy you Linda, sorting and packing, I hope you can get rid of most of your unwanted items; I am also wary about shipping costs, living down -under.

Cheryl said...

Hi Linda, I know it is hard to down size our craft areas. If you have anything you cannot sell/give away online, you might want to check with your local 4-H. Our local chapter has a scrapbook group that was really excited when I gave them some stuff I wasn't using and wasn't able to sell. I just thought I would pass this along in case you want to check it out. Good luck with your downsizing and move.

Marjie Kemper said...

Ai yi yi.... what a lot of work to sort and pack! Good luck with it all.

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