Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back in Stock - Vintage Style Neutrals Kit

Just a quick post this evening to let you all know that my June kit, Vintage Style Neutrals, is back in stock in my Etsy store.  The supply is limited - only four.  Many of the items in the kit are hand assembled, die cut or distressed by me which mean it is very labor intensive to put these kits together.  Also, some of the supplies are limited.  Otherwise I would make up more.  This will probably be it for the June kit.  I have received rave reviews from the first four I sold.

Thanks for looking!


Bev said...

WOW! Dear Linda, Though it's not shown on this Post, I just have to tell you how Gorgeous your Fathers Day Hangers are. I really Love the one for the Step Dad. The best part of all, is that we don't have Fathers Day until September over here in Oz so it gives me plenty of time to work on all the Beautiful things I am seeing from your Country. I am just so Inspired by what you do and feel we are probably Kindred Spirits when it comes to our Tastes in Art and Crafts. Keep your wonderful creations and Visions coming.
Kind Regards,

Sister Sandie said...

Hi again Linda - the Vintage Set in wonderful - I can't stop touching it !! The texture and quality of each item is amazing, and the colours are superb. Keep it coming. Love Sandie UK

Cor* said...

OH Linda. if i wasnt' grounded from buying anything I would be all over this. I love neutrals! Stunning details in every aspect!

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