Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Country Roads

I'm taking a chance here, going in a bit of a new direction. This is not a card and not a scrapbook page. I guess it could be a combination of some of the elements of both. It's done on a 12x12" cardstock paper so in that respect, it is similar to a scrapbook page, but it is not set up to add photos to or to journal on. My thought was that it could be used as wall art, either put in a 12x12 shadowbox frame or otherwise framed/hung. A paper artists' group I am part of had a challenge this week. We were to make something "green" in celebration of Earth Day. It could literally be green or could be a green theme or could just use recycled, repurposed materials. Well, I had this Lucky Brand tag that I thought was cool (I snagged it off a pair of jeans my daughter bought while she was home from college over the Christmas break). Plus I had a pair of jean shorts that don't fit that I have been cutting bits and pieces off for various projects. So the jeans theme popped into my head. Plus I had this awesome stamp set from Artistic Outpost called Home that hadn't seen ink yet. So I was off and running. But I had so many ideas of what I wanted to include that I just couldn't fit everything on a 5.5x5.5" card. I simply needed a bigger "canvas". So I went to the 12x12 scrapbook size paper and it was the perfect size.
What else is recycled? I cut up a blue and white bandana left over from Caitlin's girl scout camping days and found some country look fabric in a box at the back of the closet - must be 30 years old if it is a day! I cut them into small squares and quilted them together with my machine to create the strip running up through the center. I also ripped off strips to hold two little silver charms that say "follow your heart" and "laugh often". There is a button and a silver washer I dug out of a drawer, a piece of denim I cut with the Sizzex Top Note die. Oh, and the natural crochet thread is from my Grandmother's sewing basket that I inherited when she passed away 15 years ago. I have no idea how old it actually is.
So, while this piece is not a card, there is plenty of stamping and other cardmaking techniques used here...and it's certainly funky!!
What do you think? Leave me a comment on what you think I could do with this piece of "art".
Happy Earth Day! Registered & Protected


Brandy said...

Gosh Linda this is just too neat. I had no idea the actual ingredients you used to make it!
Do you see much art/paper piecing like this framed? I wonder if it wouldn't pay to go out on a limb and try your shadow box idea? Maybe it would be nice to have another page that would hold the pictures... I sure don't know. LOL You do great work though!

Denise @ kc242 said...

Nice page Linda. You always come up with really neat and unusual cards, so I just knew that you would hit it out of the ballpark again! Good Job! Definitely suitable for framing in a shadow box!

Silke Ledlow said...

WOW - Linda - this collage is awesome and so unique - I love it!!! Glad you took this chance, because it's a masterpiece for sure :)!!!

Thank you for playing the OCCC with us :) ~S~

Michele Kovack said...

This is really cool!!!

Jane Wetzel said...

very cool page! Love your blog! I also work for my Catholic church.. :) DRE hugs, Jane

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...
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