Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ink, Spray, Dry Technique

Here's a technique to create some cool background paper. I remember reading about something along that line awhile back, but couldn't put my hands on the directions so I worked it out on my own. (Note: I just checked SCS and it is similar to the Ink, Spray, Smash technique, but I think this gives a softer pattern). I was really happy with the way it came out. I have never done a tutorial before so please bear with me.

Supplies: Glossy photo paper, reinkers, water, spray bottles and a hair dryer
Be sure to work on a surface that will tolerate wetness and won't stain. Add an ounce or so of water to each spray bottle and then 3-4 drops of ink from your reinkers - one color per bottle. I wanted to make a background for a beach scene so I chose water and undersea colors - Bashful Blue, Old Olive and Really Rust.
Saturate your photo paper and spray different colored ink solutions randomly or in a pattern of your choice. I kept the blue towards the top and the undersea colors at the bottom. It was purely by accident, but the bottle I used for the Old Olive had contained Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and I didn't rinse it out. There was glimmery stuff in the bottom and it really added to the pattern.
Once you have sprayed an adequate amount of ink on the paper, start to blow it dry with your hair dryer on high. Having the dryer on high moves the solutions around as they dry and helps create your pattern. I recommend having a light coat of color initially as you can continue to add more color and dry it in between coats, but if you start out dark you can't really lighten it up. For this result, I added color and dryed it three separate times. I got a couple of blotches of Old Olive on my last coat because my spray bottle was almost empty and it didn't spray evenly. I didn't mind as I thought it added to the effect.
Here's the finished product and I'll post a card that I made with it.

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Irina Blount said...

Linda, this is a great tutorial and I love the card that you have made with this!! I will just have to try to create this kind of background, thank you so much for sharing!!
:) Irina

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