Monday, November 20, 2017

2017 Challenge: 12 Tags of Christmas - Funkie Junkie Style - Week #9

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Hello friends and visitors,

Week 9 is upon us!  Time is flying and we are now 3/4 into this annual challenge.  But no worries!  Even if you haven't started, there is still time to complete the challege and qualify for gift certificate prizes and a 10% discount to The Funkie Junkie Boutique in January!  Simply complete 12 holiday winter/Christmas themed tags by December 29th.  You can find all the challenge requirements in my week #1 post here.

Let's get into the details of my #9 tag, of which there aren't many.  Starting with a jumbo manila tag, I gave it a coat of white gesso, using a coarse brush because I wanted some brush marks to show.  Once dry, Chipped Sapphire distress paint was applied with a dabber top.  (I know that Ranger has changed all their distress paints over to flip tops, but I still prefer the dabber tops.)  Once that was dry, I used a spatter brush to apply Picket Fence distress paint spatters.  This is where I ran into a problem!  Once the Picket Fence distress paint dried, it had turned a light pink color instead of white.  Oh my!  I thought my spatter brush must have been used for red or pink in the past and tainted the white.  I had to start all over again.   I washed the spatter brush very thoroughly with soap this time, let it dry and made another tag.  Using Picket Fence distress paint again, I spattered white over the Chipped Sapphire.  Again, when it dried it was pink!  I can only conclude that some sort of chemical reaction occurs between the two colors, even though when distress paint dries it is supposed to be permanent.  So I had to make a third tag with the blue background.  This time I used white gesso.  It dried white this time, no problem.  I just don't like spattering the gesso as well as the Picket Fence distress paint. It's a little thicker and doesn't spatter as well.  If I did it again, I would blend maybe one drop of water into it on my craft sheet before picking it up with the spatter brush.  But I really wasn't up for making a fourth start on this tag so I forged ahead.  Next I die cut white card stock with the Woodlands Thinlit die set as well as the stag from Winter Wonderland.  The trees were given a coat of Hammered Metal embossing powder and the stag a coat of Burnt Copper Leaves EP, both from Emerald Creek.  I cut an extra layer for the stag out of light chipboard - I was actually surprised that the thinlit die cut the light chipboard perfectly.  The newer generations of Thinlits dies cut SO much better than the earlier ones did.  I wanted the stag to be thicker and stronger so I could pop it up for dimension.

I finished it off by cutting a piece of white CS with the Holiday Knit die and painting it with Chipped Sapphire distress paint to match the background.  The stag got a little bell from Tim's Tiny Bells pack and I added some white greenery from the Festive Greens thinlits.

That wraps up #9.  Nothing too complicated this week (if you can get your spatters to stay white - LOL).  Thank you to everyone who has played along, stopped by to visit or left comments.  I'm delighted to see some new players this past week and look forward to all the inspiration you all will provide ME this upcoming week.

Best wishes for Thanksgiving blessings going out to all my American visitors!



  1. OMG, love this one! I am now officially 4 tags behind... but just can't wait to catch up! (I keep thinking, "This is the busy time of year," but I'm starting to think my life is just busy!) Anyway, this tag is beautiful! Wish I could go craft right now!!!

  2. Oh, that is gorgeous! The midnight blue sky is so lovely speckled with stars and snow. I'm really looking forward to this one...
    Alison x

  3. You were great to keep going Linda, how annoying re the splatters.This turned out great though, such a gorgeous starry sky for the deer. xx

  4. Linda, I know I say it every time I see one of your tags, but I think this is a new favorite! Your snowy evening sky looks so beautiful, it makes me want to take a walk on a snowy night (fat chance). Sorry to say, but I giggled just a little when I read of your pink splatters...been there, done that! Just recently used some mushroom alcohol ink on a deer head, and it turned pink! Pink on my Q-tip? Nope! On my finger? Nope. Tip of the bottle? Nope. Oddly, it was just on one side of the deer head. I'm sure he'll find a spot on something this season, pink or not. (Tried to wipe off with blending solution, and that did nothing to get rid of the pink.)

    Anywho...I think your splatters look fabulous, and I'm so happy you persevered. Love the embossed trees and deer, and I'm inspired to get started on a few more tags/cards! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Hugs!

  5. This is the most beautiful tag! I love your work!

  6. So pretty! I have to say that the purple background is my favorite! It is the perfect backdrop for that beautiful falling snow. I don't have any deer dies but I certainly want some after seeing all your tags with them. Deer seem to be the fad this season. I love all your tags so far!

  7. Love the colours of this tag Linda, the purple and white is a striking combination and I think your splatters turned out beautifully! Off to work on week 9, thanks as always for the inspiration! Deb xo

  8. Gorgeous Gorgeous tag Linda! Love this background so much and of course that beautiful deer!


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